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 ====== The dark side of Food-Hacking ====== ====== The dark side of Food-Hacking ======
 +===== =====
 +Before you start the process, prepare the form to pour the final mix into because once you've started you will be continuously stirring and have no more time to do it.
 +| White Sugar | 2 Cups |
 +| Brown Sugar | 1 Cup |
 +| Sugarbeet syrup | 1 Tea-Spoon |
 +| Cinnamon | 1/8 Tea-Spoon |
 +| Salt | 1/8 Tea-Spoon |
 +| Condensed Milk (12%) | 1 Cup |
 +| Milk 3.5% | 1 Cup |
 +Pour the sugars to a cone in the middle of a teflon/anti-stick pan (28cm diameter - at least 9cm height). Add the sugarbeet syrup on top. Add Cinnamon and salt on top. Pour the milks gently to the side of the sugar cone to keep the sugar in the middle.
 +Set your stove to medium-high (Induction stove on 6/9), carefully stir until sugar is dissolved and mass starts boiling without bringing sugar crystals up to the walls of the pan. Continue stirring and boil until mass reaches 114°C. Since most multimeters can also handle K-Type Temperature sensors a new K-Type sensor was used for food-hacking purposes only. This way we can re-use the lab equipment and still have a food-safe way to measure temperature precisely. If you have no thermometer available, you can use the softball-test to determine it, search youtube for fudge/softball test to get the idea.
 {{:mission:log:2015:04:06:img_20150406_125359.jpg|}} {{:mission:log:2015:04:06:img_20150406_125359.jpg|}}
 +Remove heat, put 2/3 of mass into separate container and leave 1/3 in the pan on low heat (3-4/9). Put 2-3 big tablespoon scoops of peanut butter into 2/3 mix and 2 tablespoon scoops of nutella into the 1/3 mix in the pan. Add 1/4 teaspoon natural vanilla extract to both. 
 +Stir both until all butter/nutella parts have integrated into the mass. Focus on the peanutbutter mix, stir and cool down at the same time, give the nutella mix in the pan a stir from time to time. When the peanutbutter mix starts to set, pour into form. Focus on nutella mix now, give it a bit more heat and stir until creamy then pour that on top of the peanutbutter that is already setting in the form.
 {{:mission:log:2015:04:06:img_20150406_125425.jpg|}} {{:mission:log:2015:04:06:img_20150406_125425.jpg|}}
-{{:mission:log:2015:04:06:img_20150406_125548.jpg|}}+Once you've poured the mix, use your stirring tool to plow through the nutella mix into the lower peanutbutter mass to give it good structural hold.
 {{tag>food fudge recipe}} {{tag>food fudge recipe}}