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Flight-Control Log

The Apollo-NG website and its underlying/supporting infrastructure was beginning to show some severe issues caused by lacking upstream support for Linux VZ. Additionally, for other reasons, whole IP ranges had to be moved so each Box had an additional interface for the migration period which made HTTP or git communication with impossible. That's why the automated deployment of DSpace failed.

However, gratefully decided to stick to their decision to sponsor Apollo-NG's hosted network infrastructure needs and provided a new KVM box with more disk space and memory.

The migration to the new box is complete now, hopefully all name servers got the hint as well. The pads are also back online and should also receive a considerable speedup. In the progression of the update the SPDY (Speedy) protocol was added to collect some metrics about the performance gain and to see how it behaves in a smaller set of the real world.

Hopefully, that will conclude this maintenance/update cycle and free resources to find more sponsors and to continue with ongoing projects


chrono, 2013/06/20 15:52

SPDY has been disabled again, as it was causing horrible performance lags for IPv6 clients.

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