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 ====== DSpace Introduction ====== ====== DSpace Introduction ======
-A short talk introducing the basics of [[lab:dspace]].+A short talk introducing the ideas and concepts of [[lab:dspace]] and social mapping, assembled entirely on an open-source stack of modern web technologies like websockets and node.js and free/open data-providers like OpenStreetMap.
 +The [[|Event]] begins at 1700UTC with Beer and Pizza at the TNG office.\\
 +Our talk is scheduled from 1900-1945UTC (2100-2145MEST) \\
 +TNG Technology Consulting GmbH\\
 +Betastraße 13a\\
 +85774 Unterföhring\\
 +S-Bahn: Unterföhring (S8)\\
 +Bus: Linie 233, Haltestelle Betastraße\\
 +Slides of the Talk: [[]]
 +{{tag>dspace map overlay software p2p social collaboration}}
 +{{keywords>Apollo-NG hackerspace hacker space development makerspace fablab lab community open-resource open resource mobile hackbus dspace map overlay research software development p2p social collaboration}}